Orderly companies are our focus

DENA is a robust owner of healthy companies


DENA is a long-term owner of companies with proper and sound business conduct.

It is a benchmark for us that our earnings come from activities that both make financial sense and which simultaneously benefit people and society. We believe that this approach creates the best value for the individual company, for the employees, for DENA and for the outside world.

Our companies focus on healthy operations and improving existing methods and industries. We use, utilize and maintain knowledge and technology.

We are always aware that we can only give from what we create. Therefore, we must persistently ensure good operating results, i.e. make money, so that we can be of even more use to our employees, customers and the world around us.


DENA’s ambition is the good, healthy life for our companies and the people around them.

DENA creates value through active ownership of companies with integrity as a foundation.

DENA acts in the long term. We do not work for quick profit, but for our companies to be persistently developed to create value for customers, employees, DENA and everyone involved around us.
DENA is constantly working to become better at running businesses.
We know we will never be perfect, but we work every day to become a little better and to always be the best possible owner of our businesses.

DENA works every day to ensure that boards and employees in our companies achieve more development, inspiration, recognition and flow in working life than they would achieve anywhere else.


Our companies have different managements and work under very different market conditions. Nevertheless, it is always the task of DENA and the boards to make them function as an integral part of DENA.

We follow a number of common principles, frameworks and methods which are fixed and at the same time universal enough to be used in all our companies.

  • Boards and management boards in the companies work actively for the group’s values, principles and methods.
  • Proper, long-term and robust business operations are not short-term profit maximization, but creating joy and value for all stakeholders around our efforts.
  • We work according to the same annual cycle and methods and contribute to joint learning and synergy in the group.
  • The DENA community must always contribute to our companies doing better than they would otherwise. However, the companies must be able to stand on their own two feet at all times.
  • We continuously develop and invest resources in our companies so that they deliver service, quality, earnings and long-term healthy relationships to customers, colleagues and business partners at a high level.


We invest in healthy buildings for both private residences and commercial purposes


When our companies need to be supplemented by external forces, we are ready. It can be when:

  • The strategy must be adjusted
  • Development courses must be implemented
  • Liquidity and financing must be optimized
  • Special events require additional resources
  • We are not in favor of dragging things out unnecessarily. Decisions in DENA are not delayed by processes without meaning or purpose. Action power is also characterized by the pace at which the day is set.


We are a confidential sparring partner for our companies.

We have common goals and can see things “from the outside”. We participate with boards and through personal sparring for management boards.

Our boards are active and qualified to, together with the managements, develop the companies in the best possible way.

Our joint efforts ensure our companies advantages in the market.

We engage in constructive dialogue with possible business partners and companies that are considering becoming part of DENA.


You are always welcome to contact us

Telephone +45 70 22 11 40
EMail info@dena.dk

Telephone hours are all weekdays at 9-17


Anders Bøgh Jensen

Chief financial officer
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Linette barløse

Henrik Sven Sørensen

Itcha Gaihede

Operations and technical manager for properties
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HEnrik KRøis

Lars CArøe Solberg

Communication consultant
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Ragn gaihede

Chief executive officer and deputy chairman of the board
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Torben Klausen

Søren poulsen

Business advisor
Former state authorized public accountant

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